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 About Us

San Francisco’s most complete termite & home inspection service company
With over 20 years of construction experience and a resident of San Francisco, Diverse Inspection Services has obtained the knowledge you need regarding adverse conditions within a home.
For many years our slogan has been “For those who really want to know!”  Its concept was designed to emphasize our level of thoroughness, which we take pride in by providing quality inspections and reports.  We believe that even seemingly insignificant concerns will affect the overall condition of the property and its components, therefore they should be disclosed.

We do take a hard nosed approach ultimately protecting buyers, sellers and their agents from financial duress and liability.



We do not perform general pest control inspections and/or remediation (bed bugs, fleas, ants, rodents, bees, flies, cockroaches, etc.).  A licensed branch 2 general pest control company should be contacted if those services are needed. 


 Contact Information

Diverse Inspections Services, Inc.
PO Box 460447
San Francisco, CA  94146
Phone: 415-665-8288
Fax: 415-643-8729
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 Sample Reports

Contractors Report.pdf
10/8/2010 10:46 PM
Termite Report.pdf
10/8/2010 10:46 PM